Mastering Tasks and Priorities

We constantly do things. Things that we have to do, and things that we like to do. All of these things, which I call 'tasks' generally have a priority. For example, an urgent assignment due tomorrow would have a higher priority than reviewing for a test in two weeks. And that test in two weeks would have a higher priority than say checking out the latest videos on your favourite Youtube channel. 

The idea is to constantly be thinking in terms of URGENCY and IMPORTANCE when doing our tasks, or when 'not doing' our tasks. So when you find yourself doing something, ask yourself 'is there anything else I should be doing that is of a higher urgency or higher importance, and should I stop what I am doing now, and do that 'other' thing...'

Here's a Task & Priorities printable inspired by Stephen Covey's Time Quadrant from his book 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'. Tasks and their priorities are a function of importance and urgency. So when we have a tonne of stuff to do, it pays to put all of those niggling tasks into a quadrant such as this, so we can clearly see what needs doing and in what order. 

Printables are accessed from the Free Printables shop.

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