Study goals checklist

Since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time to take the opportunity to rethink and rehash over the study goals. So the plan is…

First and fore-most the first step is actually having an Action Plan that includes:

1. Planning on Sunday before Monday  

2. Reviewing the plan daily

3. Actually following the plan during the week

4. Prioritising tasks that need doing.

Second, be organised which includes:  

1. Packing the bag before the morning

2. Clean room daily  

3. Clear desk every night before bed  

4. File stuff daily so papers don’t go crazy. 

Third, on Assignments & Projects:  

1. Plan ahead with no stressful last minute stuff  

2. Break projects up into milestones and tasks and do them steadily and weekly  

3. Get teacher feedback early so I know I’m on the right track

4. Finish early and stress free!

Forth, on tests and exams:

Take notes weekly, not on the last minute before the exam  

2. Revise weekly, no cramming allowed  

3. Use my learning style to study  

4. Use my study strategy that I have planned.

Fifth, on health, because without good health all the rest suffers:

1. Do regular daily exercise  

2. Eat healthy

3. Sleep 7 hours a night  

4. Drink lots of water.

… I think that's actually fairly achievable !

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