Studying without paper

STUDY TIP!! CREATE AUDIO NOTES … and Listen to them all the time!

This is without doubt my most favourite study strategy. Think about how much time you waste going to and from school while either sitting on public transport, driving or walking. If you counted the minutes and hours, it would probably add up to quite a few hours a week. Imagine if you could put this time to good use without having to be totally nerdy reading notes ‘on the go’. Normally while ‘on the go’ we would either be looking at social media or listening to music, so rather than waste time on that, get some study out of the way. I literally studied for a whole subject this way, and I was amazed at my results. It didn’t seem so hard studying with earphones in my ears either. 

So how do you do this? It’s fairly obvious. Read your notes out loud and record your voice. You’ill feel rather ridiculous at first, but you soon get used to it. Break up recordings into topics, and change the filename to suit the topic, and then just listen to all your audio notes repeatedly and soon the info will just sink in. 

You may even want to read your notes as you listen. But I prefer to just listen to them.

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