Take notes before class

This is a follow on from the previous post. It’s just to emphasise the importance of actually taking your notes  (i.e. from text book) about the content being covered BEFORE the next class or lecture. And then just supplementing your notes from extra info in class. It may seem nerdy, but it really is soooo worthwhile. And WHY would we nerd-away and do this anyway? Well, a few reasons…

1. Following on from Tip 1, you write less in class, therefore listen more. This increases understanding on the stuff covered in class. 

2. It improves memory recall for later when you have the exam.

3. Classes suddenly become (semi or a lot) more interesting.

4. … because you’re engaged. If you’re not engaged, things get pretty boring, and you fall asleep.

5. You will feel like an absolute legend in class, and feel empowered. Great feeling!!

6. And finally, you will be super pre-prepared for the upcoming exam in weeks to come. So when it comes to revision… yay, super easy!! 


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