Take pride in your notes

Have you ever written notes so badly that you can’t stand to look at them? And it just bugs you each time you try to study from them… and then you get in such a bad mood about the subject in general. 

There’s one simple fixer for that. Just take pride in your notes. Don’t allow yourself to study from obnoxious average notes. It will most definitely put you in a better frame of mind at least, and decrease brain cloudiness.

Here’s some quick tips:

1. Write neatly. It’s kinda obvious. 

2. Have a proper system for note-taking. eg. Write in sections on the page (not left to the right); Use columns (like the Cornell Note-taking system); Use mind-maps and diagrams etc.

3. Use colour associations. Learning is so much easier when the page has colour and context. Try it. 

4. Make it look good. If it looks bad, seriously you don’t want to look at it for any length of time. If you think you don’t have great handwriting, then just try your best to make it better than your average.

5. Doodle for visual appeal and context. Notes without context creates confusion. So a doodle here and there that relates to the content, even if you’re not an illustrator from heaven, will make a difference. 

6. Finally, just love your notes. It just helps. 

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