If students would like more strategies other than the daily blog of inspiration and hacks, coaching and tutorial sessions are available online via a private interactive online classroom. Sessions can either be conducted privately or with a group with friends. Generally the total length of all sessions put together is around 6 hours on average, depending on what the student would like to focus on. Sessions are normally 2-3 hours long, with breaks between sections.

Aside from individual and private group sessions, QUEST Study Skills also provides coaching in schools as an extra curricular programme, or as part of a school initiative. 

The focus of sessions is on...


  • Setting realistic goals... and achieving them

  • Taking charge of a busy student life and setting priorities

  • Managing time with a system

  • Breaking down projects into small manageable tasks

  • Keeping study materials organised

  • Studying using your unique learning style


  • Improving reading skills, including skimming and scanning

  • Being an efficient note-taker from lessons and text books and unifying study material

  • Honing in on which study strategies work personally

  • Improving memory and recall of information for tests

  • Studying efficiently but in less time using the right technique

  • Improving exam performance


Students' Reviews

The Instagram famous resident student bunny Sam.

The Instagram famous resident student bunny Sam.

"Very helpful ! I learned lots of new strategies that I can use for the future. I also had a lot of fun."

"I found Quest Study Skills very useful, personally. I think it will improve my study skills and also my time management... "

"I found the (Quest Study Skills) course useful because in school teachers rarely give tips on how to study well leading to a good grade... I also found that this course was interesting and fun because of the tips that were given..."


How to enrol

If you're interested, send a simple Enrolment Request to find out more about availability for private or group sessions. Once received you will be contacted about possible scheduling arrangement and fees. 

Other Tutorials and Courses

If students would like more tutorial assistance such as Essay Writing, Assignment Preparation Hacks or IELTS Test Preparation, other Tutorials and Courses are also available.