Tutorials and Courses

Aside from Study Skills, other Tutorials and Courses are also available in the following areas:

Assignment Planning, Preparation and Writing
A number of strategies are covered including, how to gather information which answers the specific assignment requirements; how to ensure information is balanced throughout the assignment; strategies in information sourcing, and compilation of the information to eliminate plagiarism; planning the assignment structure; and writing the assignment.

Academic Writing Assistance
Areas covered include structuring an essay; use of language devices to create coherence in writing; practise in writing concisely and to the point; expansion of vocabulary; and use of varied language and sentence structures.
IELTS Test Preparation
All four modules, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills make up the lessons. Skills to improve results within the modules as well as essential test-taking strategies are covered. Read more...

Exam preparation
Need some help leading up to an important exam or test? Assistance and coaching can be provided in consolidation of information, creating study materials, studying using individual learning style, and testing practise. 

Business English
Need some help in improving your communication in the office? Bespoke courses are created centred around the industry and student's level. Courses are created using TESOL teaching methodologies. 

Send a simple Enrolment Request to find out more about availability for private or group sessions. Once received you will be contacted about the arrangement and fees.