6Cs of Essay Writing

Writing an amazing essay is somewhat of a science, and requires not just style but certain elements to make up a solid essay that commands the marks. Here’s my super quick 6 point checklist to validate against your essay before you say it’s the ‘final draft’.

1. Content: have you answered the question accurately and does your essay have all the necessary points that directly and precisely addresses the question? 
2. Clarity: Is your essay written clearly? It’s not confusing, and the reader will not be required to stop at any word or sentence to gather your meaning. 
3. Composition: How is your essay structured? Does it have a proper thesis statement in the introduction that encapsulates your essay? Does it have an introduction that provides a general gist of your essay. Is there proper paragraphs with main points and supporting points, within the paragraphs and it’s organised. Is there a strong conclusion? And is your conclusion well thought out in its style and position, such as, is it just a summary or are you externalising yourself from the views or are you leaving it open for further thoughts but without introducing new points. This requires some skill. There are many interesting ways to write a conclusion.
4. Cohesion: Are your paragraphs and points connected and joined together with proper transitional words and phrases? So your essay reads like a smooth riding Rolls-royce and not a bumpy old 4wd. 
6. Concise: Is your essay providing your information and views clearly and comprehensively but without unnecessary words and wordy dribble?
6. Cadence: Is the rhythm of your writing comfortable and smooth to read? Just like a poem or a song has a beat and rhythm, so can your essay. As an example, an essay can have a balance of a certain number of long sentences with clauses and short sentences to tie up the ideas or opinions. Find your style and rhythm when you write. With practice you will probably end up finding your style without even knowing it.   

Once you’ve nailed the formula and ensured all parts are present, essay writing can be a breeze. 

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