About us

How does QUEST Study Skills help you?

"Study SMARTLY, with a plan and a strategy, and learn what is needed stress free, naturally and in less time. It’s not HOW MANY hours you study, but HOW you study that will make the difference in your academic performance.Studying is a unique and personal experience. It's not a one-way-fits-all. Students need to know which method and strategy works best for them, personally."

QUEST Study Skills is a simple framework for how to study and succeed in your studies.

There's a lot of information available about how to do well at school, but that's exactly it... a lot of information. It can be quite confusing and unstructured for students. Additionally these days, students are burdened with information overload with the many subjects they need to study, and coupled with the distraction of social media, life can get pretty stressful. Furthermore, as most schools and universities have adopted the online approach to disseminating deliverables and tasks, coupled with online learning, the challenge for students to stay on top of their game is tenfold.

When there is information overload, a system is needed for students to handle it all.  QUEST is a no-fuss study method to follow throughout the term leading up to tests and exams.

Q-U-E-S-T is an acronym for how to study.

QUESTION what needs to be learned. ie Take control of what you need to learn.

UNITE your information. ie. have a method to take good notes.

ESTABLISH your study strategy from the start and follow it.

STUDY using your strategy and learning style.

TEST and evaluate how you went.

It's quite straight forward. Students are able to use the strategies straight away, week by week.

Who created the QUEST Study Skills?

QUEST Study Skills is a program developed a number of years ago by Denise Qvist who coaches students in her spare time on practical strategies and hacks to succeed in their studies. As an illustrator she also creates info-graphics on study tips and shares them with explainers in blog posts on this website and on tumblr and Instagram. The latest method of sharing her insights is through the QUEST Study Skills Journal, pictured at the very top of this page, a beautiful hardcover bound faux leather journal allowing students to be creatively productive.