Chunk the notes

Sounds like an odd tip. But here it is… When we write in a traditional manner from the left of the page to the right, line-by-line for a whole A4 page, this is simply not an ideal way to write notes. And most definitely not an ideal way to review from or commit content to memory. 

Why? Our brains are better at recognising associations and memorising information when it is chunked together in clumps of info, as opposed to the line-by-line representation of it. So when you write notes before classes and lectures, chunk related content together into sections on the page, and if you are somewhat of a visual learner, add some related mind maps, diagrams and doodles around the content. Leave space around the chunked info, so if later you have to add more notes to it, say from a class or other source, you can do so easily, without stressing about layout issues, or having to write the notes again. And if you’ve spread out your info over a large space and are concerned about paper-usage, just be sure to recycle your paper afterwards, and chill about it. 

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