Cornell Notes with a twist

In the last blog post about ‘Cornell Notes’ and how to take them (read bog previous post), I mentioned that I would post a blog about ‘Cornell Notes with a Twist’. Well, here it is… It’s basically the same method as Cornell Notetaking, but there is an added step. Here are the total steps:

1. READ FIRST. Read the chapter or content before the class. Nerdy nerdy but it’s good. Find out what it is, so you can read the info and ‘get with the program’ before the rest of the class. 

2. TAKE YOUR OWN NOTES.  Once you have read the info, take your own notes in the middle column. 

3. ADD KEY WORDS / QUE WORDS / TEACHERY-TYPE QUESTIONS. Once you have written your notes, you will have an idea about what the key word or que words  etc are. Place these in the columns marked. 

4. GO TO CLASS & ADD MORE NOTES. When you turn-up to class, the teacher will cover the content. If there is something new, then you add that content to the class notes column next the related notes you already prepared. 

5. ADD MORE INFO. If there is any other info that is of importance, add that.

6. ADD YOUR SUMMARY. Similar to the Cornell Notes method, critically think about the page, and write a summary. This tests you understand the stuff from all angles.

7. ADD YOUR REFLECTION. Similar to the Cornell Notes method, once again critically think about the info on the page, and add a reflection of how you think this info relates to the rest of the unit. 

Go forth and conquer.

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