Listen for hints in class

Have you ever found yourself in a class or lecture so madly and rapidly writing notes that you miss a tonne of what the teacher is saying? And you sometimes have to ask the person next to you so you can ‘get with the program’ …. At this most ordinary juncture, you can forget trying to capture exam hints dropped by the teacher, you are simply in ‘survival mode’!

Apparently learning in class is more effective with the 80/20 rule. That is listen 80% and write 20% of the time. And you’re thinking ‘yeah, right, dream on…’ It is ‘kinda’ challenging and semi-unrealistic to achieve this, but if you actually read-up before class about the topic and prepare your notes (see last posts), you CAN be more chilled, and perhaps achieve a little of the 80/20 rule, in order to pick up on hints and material for exam questions.  Some teachers inadvertently drop hints without realising, but if you’re so focused on writing chicken scratched, you would sooo miss those hints.  Try this hack and see… 

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