Read it before class

Today’s tip ‘READ THE CONTENT BEFORE CLASS/LECTURE’. This is an absolutely amazing tip, and will most certainly make student life sooooo sooooo much more achievable, empowering and pleasant. Why would you do this? Here are some reasons:

1. If you write 20% of the time in class and listen 80%, you absorb more of the discussion is class and lectures. And you achieve this by reading the content first and taking notes before class. 

2. You can collect teacher cues on what will be on the exam, simply because you are listening and looking at the teacher more, instead of writing all the time. Teachers are always giving hints without knowing it. So if they start repeating themselves like they have a memory issue, or start yelling info like they’ve lost the plot, you know it’s on the exam.

3. By reading the content before class, you already have some background knowledge about the topic. So anything in class will be processed and pushed into your long term memory more effectively. 

4. You can ask intelligent questions in class which teachers and lecturers love (well, most of them), and you will look engaged, and be remembered at least. And, you will actually learn more.

5. Classes and lectures will make more sense. At least you will know what is going on, instead of being the cluelessness in the back. 

6. By reading and preparing (i.e. doing notes before class), you are already prepared for the exam. No cramming for later! 

7. You simply supplement your already written notes with any new info from class. Less stress. 

8. Just by being prepared you are ready to rock.  

Hope this tip is helpful. It totally helped me masses. 

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