The secret to achieving goals

Every now and then we may write our goals down on paper with the hope that at the end of the month or at some point in the future we will achieve them. We may periodically look at the goals, and mutter affirmations under our breath that 'I will achieve those goals.' But the unfortunate thing is that unless we make changes to our habits or consciously work at achieving these goals, we may as well create paper planes out of the paper the goals are written on and fly them out of the window. Because this is basically all that will be achieved by just writing goals down and doing absolutely nothing different to achieve them. I know, this sounds harsh. And I may sound down right negative. 

But there's a point to this wavelength and here it is. To make sure goals are achieved, it's important to break it down into NEW habits and tasks within our week that will propel us to achieve our goals slowly but surely. Make sure to include these new tasks in the weeklies and dailies and hopefully soon the paper that these goals and actions are written on are worth more than their weight in paper :)

Here's a Goals spread that will hopefully help with the process of thinking goals through and it's a printable :) Check out the Free Printables shop to find it.

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