Think like a Teacher

So I tried to recreate the nerd teacher emoji and ended up with an egg-head with glasses and a bow-tie. Disclaimer: It is not the intention to portray all teachers as male nerdy egg-heads. Right, random comments aside. Here’s the tip…

Why would we ‘Think like a Teacher’.. and how does that even work.

1. CREATE TEACHER-TYPE QUESTIONS. When you’re studying a specific subject create as many probable questions that you may find in an exam, and as you do this ‘think like a teacher’. By doing this, you are hugely immersing yourself in the scope of the whole topic and looking at it from all angles. This preps you to learn the subject fully.

2. CREATE NOTES THAT ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS. When you write your notes from the textbook, class or other sources, ensure that your notes are comprehensive enough to be able to answer the questions you created. You can even write your notes under specific questions. And go even further as to replicate an exam situation as you study by answering those questions fully without checking your notes. If you can do this without any issues, then you should be fairly prepared. 

3. IF YOU WERE THE TEACHER, WHAT WOULD YOU TEST ON. Try to crawl into your teacher’s head (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean), and really analyse what they would prioritise as the important aspects of the subject. Also try to recall what they emphasised in class, or what they repeated constantly. This would be a huge hint. 

4. RAISE YOUR STANDARD TO TEACHER STANDARDS. Be able to write and provide answers to questions as if you are an authority on the content, and simply raise your standard of knowledge of the content. Go beyond the scope of your teacher’s expectations, by reading and researching even more on the subject. The more you know, the more you will elevate your knowledge and standards. You can’t go wrong by doing this. You may even enjoy digging deeper into the subject matter. 

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