Writer's Block Hack #1 - Go write elsewhere

We've all felt the block at some stage of our writing. You're ready to write, and you either stare at that blank page or screen, and it's just not flowing. Urgh. Time lapses, and you've either written nothing or absolute rubbish. Well, here's one simple hack that may just help. 

==> Pick up your stuff and go write somewhere else. 

Go to the park, sit under a tree or sit in a cafe. Try your luck there. The fresh eyes and non-distraction of your usual environment may just give you the flow you need. Apparently J.K. Rowling wrote her first novels in a cafe in London. Probably not because of writers block, but mostly to do with her financial hardship of not being able to afford the heating bill. But nonetheless, if it worked for her, it probably works for most. 

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