Writer's Block Hack #2 - Just write & keep writing anything

Let's see how many of these Writer's Block Hacks I can post. 

I will always remember my high school English teacher. She was a superior character who behaved the part, but if there was anything I learned from her it's the skills of writing flow. I'm not claiming my writing has any kind of flow. It's more the exercise of beating writer's block, by simply writing (on paper) any garbage that pops into your head with the mission to simply keep inking that paper without stopping. The trick is to write anything that pops into your head regardless of spelling, grammar, random words, swear words or structure. The goal is to get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper. Once you feel you've literally emptied your head, you then cut and rearrange your ideas into the makings of a good piece of writing. You will eventually piece everything together, fill in the gaps, and connect the ideas into some form of argument or cohesive structure. 

It seems the opposite of creating a plan, and then writing the piece. But sometimes in order to beat that writer's block to get the writing flow started, you just have to go about your piece backwards, in order to go forward.

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