Life as a student

"Being a student is a lot more demanding these days than it was a few years ago. Technological advancement has improved the efficiency of our lives, but it has also put more pressure on us to deliver work at a faster pace, and at a higher quality level due to the resources available to us.

For us to handle life's requirements, and pressures put upon us to perform in this competitive world, it’s important to have tools and habits to support daily life, so we can succeed academically and enjoy the process in doing so :) "

What is QUEST Study Skills

Aside from providing a blog of study inspiration and hacks for high school and university students, private coaching and group workshops are also available online via Skype, Google Classroom or Class In (for China). 

The aim of coaching is to provide students with practical strategies and hacks to succeed in school. The blog has a number of strategies and hacks here and there, but the sessions are more structured and tailored to the student's needs. 

The study hack methods are easy to remember and the core of the study strategies segments are centred around the simple ACRONYM, "QUEST":

Question what needs to be learned. This is an important pre-study stage.

Unite all sources of material to be learned, and note-taking. There are too many bits and pieces to learn... you need a system to unite it all.

Establish your learning strategy - this will be unique for each individual.

Study... while following your personal strategy.

Test and evaluate your results and progress. 

Study Mottos

"Study SMARTLY, with a plan and a strategy, and learn what is needed stress free, naturally and in less time."
"It’s not HOW MANY hours you study, but HOW you study that will make the difference in your academic performance."
"Studying is a unique and personal experience. It's not a one-way-fits-all. Students need to know which method and strategy works best for them, personally."